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Subscription Box Options

Active Mom

Are you working out at least once a week and trying to get GAINS? The Active Subscription Box is curated to motivate and help with gains. 

  • Self Care Items
  • Help with Gain items
  • Coffee gift card
  • Greeting Card (blank inside)

Working Mom

The Working Subscription Box is curated to achieve personal self-care and growth. This box may be filed as a tax write-off if you are self-employed.

  • Self Care Items
  • Stationary Item
  • Educational Item
  • Coffee gift card
  • Greeting Card (blank inside)

Stay at Home Mom

Taking care of the household and holding down the fort is hard. Stay at Home Mom is curated to help with unwinding and getting out of the house. 

  • Self Care Items
  • Get away from house item
  • Household item
  • Coffee gift card
  • Greeting Card (blank inside)

Follow these easy steps to receive your #DFAmom box

Pick your box

  • Choose from our Active, Working or SAHM box
  • Each box includes 4-6 items
  • Retail Value $65+
  • Free Shipping  

Order your Box

  • Subscribe or Gift on a Quarterly ($35.99) or Bi-Annually ($55) basis 
  • Answer some basic questions to personalize your box

Receive your Box

  • Boxes shipped within a week 
  • Make sure to tag #DFAmom on socials
  • One lucky Momma will receive an extra surprise in their next box 

Subscribe to our #DFAmom boxes!

  • All boxes may be filed as tax write-offs if self-employed
  • Simply answer a few questions at checkout
  • You can cancel box subscriptions at any time by sending us a message

Quarterly Box

Shipped and billed for every 3 months

4-6 full and deluxe sample size products

Price is $35.99

Biannual Box

Shipped and billed for every 6 months

4-6 full-size products

Price is $55.00

Book and Coffee Quarterly Box

Shipped within 5 days of purchase

Perfect as a gift

Price is $19.99 plus $5.99 for shipping


One-Time Box

Shipped within 5 days of purchase

4-6 full and deluxe sample-size products

Perfect as a gift and trial for the subscription box

Price is $35.99


Orders will be shipped within 5 business days if placed within the following cutoff periods:

Q1: Between December 11th and March 10th

Q2: Between March 11th and June 10th

Q3: Between June 11th and September 10th

Q4: Between September 11th and December 10th


With the Bi-Annual box you skip a quarter. Please refer to the Quarterly package arrival time. Example: Ordered in Q1, skip Q2, receive 2nd box in Q3

Customers will be billed on the date of purchase and on the same date every 3 calendar months if a quarterly package was purchased, or every 6 calendar months if a bi-annual package was purchased, provided that no cancellation was made.

For example, a quarterly package purchased on January 5th will be billed for that day followed by others on the 5th of April, July, and October. A bi-annual package purchased on January 5th will be billed for that day as well as on July 5th.

Please contact us by clicking here.

Working Mom Boxes provide educational materials on being self-employed and stationary items can be declared as daily business expenses.

* Please consult your tax accountant for more details.